For Every (Poem)

For every pink ballet shoe that now lay piled in boxes 

For every pink ribbon that was tied with careful hands

For every pink princess dress she had to have now hang in her closet collecting dust and fading away with the past

For every pink tea set that made her giggle with delight now lay in the boxes chipped and filled with memories of her childhood past

For every pink school backpack she used ever since pre-k till fifth grade

For every pink pairs of running shoes she needed to have for every season 

For every pink blanket that kept her safe and warm 

For every pink homecoming dress that sparkled and shines

For every pink prom dress that she needed to have

For every bundle of pink roses given by her precious friends 

For every female soldier there comes a time where she trades in her pink dancing shoes for a pair of brown combat boots

Her pink hair ribbons for a green helmet

Her pink princess dresses for a soldiers uniform

Her bundles of pink princess wands for a m-16 

For every mother who has lost her biggest treasure 

Bundles of pink flowers in her combat boots is my last greatest treasure

_Anushka Stevens 



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2 thoughts on “For Every (Poem)

  1. If you would like to share your on special poem please do so and post it

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