“In war no one …

“In war no one wins. War happens when two nations cannot sit down and work things out. War does not need to happen because it can be prevented. No one can prevent death, violence, nor natural disasters, but we can prevent war. We can prevent our innocent son’s and daughter’s from dieing in hell and serving in a place that is a shit hole. War in the beginning is all jumbles and confusing, but as war progresses all it is a blood bath of innocent blood being spilled. The numbers of death go up and up and it doesn’t have to be this way. What can go up is the number of soldier’s coming home. There will be a day when this war is over but not soon. Some say that this is just the beginning and some say that this is the end, but I say that this is the time to end war and start talking instead of killing. Peace is easier said then done just like pulling the trigger is faster and easier than spending time to make things right. The most difficult things are the cleanest and the most easiest things are the most dirty. It’s time to bring our soldier’s home and leave the rest to the president to fix.”-Anushka Stevens

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